Founder & Managing Partner

Kelly DuFord Williams

Kelly, founder of Slate Law Group, brings years of experience and a passion for making the law accessible. After graduating from the Honors Program at the University of San Diego undergrad and earning her J.D. backed by multiple Academic Achievement Awards and a scholarship, Kelly served as a law clerk in the San Diego District Attorney’s office and then a Deputy District Attorney in Las Vegas.

It was after, amid years as a Litigation Attorney for an established firm, that she has an epiphany. She wanted to start a different type of law firm that put the clients first. Now, at the firm she’s built from the ground up, Kelly gets to empower women and businesses to feel protected and grow the business of their dreams every day. Born and raised in Ireland, Kelly was surrounded by amazing women limited by the marriage bar, which restricted married women from certain jobs and opportunities. This always stuck with Kelly and fueled her pursuit of helping women, moms, and entrepreneurs.

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