Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Lawyer

We are advocates for those facing workplace harassment or discrimination. You’re not sure if you need an employment litigation attorney. The idea of legal action, of any confrontation, is highly stressful. We're here to help.

Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Lawyer

Things to Consider When Hiring a

San Diego Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Lawyer

When to Consider an Employment Litigation Lawyer

Perhaps you shared your story with a friend, who recommended you speak with an harassment or discrimination lawyer. Or perhaps an incident happened that went way too far over the line.

We’ll be candid. After the process is over, most clients feel like they can finally breathe again. It was not the intense TV court drama they imagined, but instead the freedom to have their voice heard.

Do I Have a Sexual Harassment or Discrimination Case?

You may have grounds for needing a discrimination or sexual harassment lawyer.

First thing's first...

  1. Most cases have no upfront, out-of-pocket costs for you. Typically, in these cases, lawyers are paid on settlement
  2. Most cases don’t go public.

As some of the best discrimination lawyers in San Diego, we honor your wishes and do everything we can to move the case in the direction that’s comfortable for you.

We focus on your outcomes and only proceed with what makes you feel comfortable.

Workplace Discrimination Law

Maybe you’re being treated unfairly, had the threat of being fired or have been let go.

If they threaten to fire or have fired you, they probably made up a reason. It was not the real reason they treated you wrongly.

That does not mean you have to take it lying down. Our employment litigation attorney team has seen this again and again. Let’s see if there is a case to stand up for. Remember, if it’s happening to you, there may be other people being put through this to by the same individual or company.

Allow some of the best discrimination lawyers in San Diego to evaluate.

Sexual Harrassment Law

Harassment can mean many things. It does not have to involve touch.

Yes, direct touch or demanding of sexual favors is the first, most drastic form of sexual harassment - Quid Pro Quo.

The other type is just as valid: Hostile work environment, in which office conduct makes you feel uncomfortable. It can be comments from one or more people. Inappropriate conversations. Maybe you brought it up to HR and they ignored the comment. After knowing your specific situation, we can verify the next steps.

Meeting with a caring employment litigation attorney can be the first step to getting out of this awful time period.

To start, we simply figure out if there’s a case. Ready out ASAP.

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