Startup & Entrepreneur Lawyer

Whether you own a business or plan to start one, there’s one thing you must know: Your business and dreams deserve protection.

Startup & Entrepreneur Lawyer

Things to Consider When Hiring a

San Diego Startup & Entrepreneur Lawyer

Startup Attorneys Who Understand & Care

At Slate Law Group, our passion is securing you, your personal finances and your services. As the go-to startup lawyers in San Diego, we make sure your business is airtight, so you can ditch any fears in the back of your mind - fear of others taking advantage of contract loopholes or deciding to bring suit.

What Can a Startup Lawyer Do For You?

As a startup and entrepreneur, your margins for error can be razor thin. As your startup lawyer, we make sure you’re prepared, especially when it comes to:

  • Contracts
  • Forming a business entity
  • Executing trademarks and/or copyrights
  • Dealing with employment law
  • Anything else your business needs, we do

As a business attorney firm in San Diego, we guide you through the steps that ensure you, your personal finances and your amazing work are shielded from potential harm.

Startup Litigation Protection

A lawsuit may sound like a scary scene from a courtroom drama, but with us it’s not. As startup attorneys in San Diego, we’ve been to trial. We’ve been in those courtrooms and know exactly what to expect.

Backed by years of litigation experience, our lawyers know how things will play out in court. Using this know-how, we can show you exactly what to do to avoid lawsuits. Turn your stress over to us.

You may feel nervous thinking about the “legal side” of business, but you have to expect the unexpected.

Startup Lawyers Who Practice Copyright and Trademark Law

We also act as an intellectual property attorney in San Diego and a trademark attorney in San Diego - and beyond. First, let’s confirm the difference between trademark and copyright.

  1. A copyright is a creation that is fixed and tangible. That’s why an idea, fact or general “concept” can’t be protected. Only a specific creative work like a book, painting or song can be copyrighted. It’s why you hear about people “stealing songs”. Remember the “Under Pressure” and “Ice Ice Baby” song debacle? A plagiarism suit was threatened because of how similar Ice Ice sounded to the Queen/Bowie tune.  
  2. Trademark protects your brand, like a name or logo, from market confusion. Registering your company name and/or logo prevents others from using the name and/or logo in the same field. A cafe could not name themselves Starbucks Coffee because the name “Starbucks Coffee” is trademarked.

If you are interested in having a brand name, logo or other business element trademarked or copyrighted, talk to our business attorney team in San Diego and find out if you’re eligible.

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