Corporate Lawyer

We offer flat rate general counsel services for corporations. We share a tailored proposal for outside general counsel services. You decide whether to stick with the old model - or try our new, client-centered approach.

Corporate Lawyer

Things to Consider When Hiring a

San Diego Corporate Lawyer

How Our Corporate Attorneys Save You Money and Stress

After years of reviewing and paying high billable hours, you’re intrigued by the concept of a transparent, no-nonsense law firm.

At Slate Law Group, we step in as fractional legal counsel and deliver the services you need at a flat rate. As one of the San Diego law firms that is not so traditional, we get to know your company and then create an agreed-upon retainer that’s customized to you.

Ready to see this new approach to traditional practice?

San Diego Corporate Lawyers You Can Trust

As your outside general counsel, you’re invited to call us when you need. We are here to help, not clock billable hours when you pick up the phone for 10 minutes.

Our team is here to provide unlimited support and stay up-to-date on your needs with a call once a month. You get partner-level service, a phone call away.

See how our outside general counsel services can actually reduce your overhead.

Corporate Lawyers for Your Specific Size and Needs

We are a San Diego law firm that provides outside general counsel to corporations all across the country. From Small to Medium and Large Corporation we do it all. Our specialties include:

  • Business Start-Up & Governance
  • Contract & Agreements
  • Business Litigation
  • Intellectual Property

How Much Will Our Outside General Counsel Save Your Company?

After years in business, you’ve probably seen many shocking legal fees and surprise bills from your lawyers.

It seems every corporate business attorney works in “uncontrollable” billable hours. With pressure to account for their time and make money for their firm, they pass the stress and the bill onto you.

You’re only one step from finding out how much our corporate business attorney team will save you. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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