Why I Went To Law School – Rio Schwarting


Why I Went To Law School – Rio Schwarting

posted on JUNE 19, 2019

Like almost all major life decisions, the reason one decides to go to go to law school ranges from person to person. The answer really depends on your personality and source of motivation. For me, the reason I went to law school came down to three main points.  

  1. Reading and Writing

For me, I was initially attracted to the reading/writing components that come along with studying and working with the law. While it isn’t crucial that reading and writing are your absolute favorite past times, I do believe you should at least have some interest in these areas. If you loathe reading and writing, law school may not be the best idea for you, just because of the sheer amount of time you spend doing each of these.

  1. The Law is Everywhere

Law affects every part of our lives. Because of its reach, going to law school can provide endless career possibilities. While my ultimate goal was to become an attorney, there are many professional opportunities available for law school graduates who do not wish to practice law. You can pursue a career in health care, technology, the environment, human rights, and entertainment, just to name a few examples.

  1. The Law is Ever-changing

If I could get paid to go to school, I would. I love learning and try to constantly cultivate a mindset of curiosity. Laws change for all sorts of reasons. They can change immediately or they can take years or decades to change. In today’s society, laws seem to be changing more and more due to the progressive nature of technology. I liked the idea of never fully mastering an area and remaining a life-long student, even after graduating. Going to law school and pursuing a career as an attorney gave me that opportunity.

If you’re deciding whether or not to apply to law school, take a moment to think about what inspires and drives you. There is no “right reason” to go to law school. What matters most is that your reason “why” is important enough to you to carry you through the inevitable tough times during your legal journey.

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