How Can a Trademark Benefit Your Business?


What is a Trademark?

Trademark law provides a means by which parties offering goods or services to the public can distinguish their goods or services from those offered by other parties. A Trademark is a word logo, design, or combination of both, that is used to distinguish one’s goods or services. Some examples are words, images, symbols, or sounds.

How Can a Trademark Benefit Your Business?

An Effective Marketing Tool

A Trademark is the branding for your business. It conveys a message about you, your company, and your company’s reputation, products and services.

Valuable Asset

Trademarks can appreciate in value over time. The more your business reputation grows, the more valuable your brand will be. This exposure will provide an edge in the market as consumers begin to remember your Trademark.

No Expiration Date

As long as you continue to use the Trademark in the United States, the rights to the Trademark never expire. You can have a life-long mark that signifies your product or service

Social Media and Internet Benefits

Your brand is the first thing customers enter into a search engine or social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) when looking for your products and services. Higher traffic on a website or social media platform translates into higher rankings, bringing even more traffic, more customers and more brand recognition.

Protect Your Brand

The primary purpose of the Trademark laws is to prevent unfair competition and provide rights and remedies to the owner of the Trademark within the geographical area of protection. The Trademark law prohibits product imitators from passing off their goods or services as the product of others. Once the Trademark is registered, these protections begin as soon as you begin using your Trademark.

Economical Registration and Maintenance

The United States Patent and Trademark Office charges a registration fee of $275 to obtain your trademark, only a few hundred dollars after five years and another few hundred dollars every ten years. This cost-effective investment can be extremely worth it for a lifetime of use and recognition.

How Do you Register Your Trademark?

If a Trademark sounds like something that would benefit you and your business, visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Or you contact our office with any questions or for assistance with the Trademark registration process.

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