Filing a Business License Application in the City of Oceanside


This is what’s important to know and keep in-mind when filing your Business License Application with the City of Oceanside.

What is a Business License?  

A business license is the permit to conduct business in the city you will be starting your business. Each city has different requirements for submitting an application and obtaining a license, this is why it is important to collect all the proper information before you start.

Business Licenses in the City of Oceanside

In the City of Oceanside, you can apply for your business license through the mail. Depending on whether your business will have a commercial location, be home–based, or require specific permits for the city, your application and the information required will differ.

The applications for business licenses are available online on the City of Oceanside website, each requires you to fill out different forms and additional agreements depending on your business. Ensure you are filling out the right application for your type of business.

Commercial and Home-based Businesses

The applications for commercial based and home based businesses may require inspections from the fire department and additional agreements.  

Commercial based businesses are those conducting business out of a commercial location in Oceanside. In addition to the application, commercial businesses need to be inspected by the Oceanside Fire Department. There is a $152 fee for the inspection, after your application has been received by the City of Oceanside the inspection can be scheduled within 24-48 hours of contacting them. This inspection is needed for the Business License Department to approve your application and grant you a license. The commercial business license application also contains a self-inspection guide for business owners to provide a safe environment for customers.

Home based businesses are those conducting business out of their homes in Oceanside. In the application, they will need to agree to further regulation with regards to how they perform business in their home, for example, the hours of delivery, pedestrian traffic, and the size of vehicle delivery trucks. There are also businesses in the City of Oceanside that are not allowed to have home occupations including, vehicle repair, beauty shops, and barber shops. A more detailed list of applicable businesses is included in the application.

Business License Application Fees

The application fee depends on the type of business and inspections needed for approval from all departments. To get the total cost of the application fee, you can call the Business License Department at (760) 435-4500, the application fee will be needed to be sent by check along with the business license application.  

Additional information

Depending on your business and the types of materials you will be using, producing, or handling you may be subject to further inspection from the Hazardous Materials Division, a list of the applicable businesses is listed in the application.

For businesses requiring further inspection, this can be scheduled after the business license has been received, you can call the business license department at (760) 435-4500 to check on the status of the application.

The application will usually take up to 15 days for approval, however, this process may be delayed for further inspection and approval from all departments.

If mailing your application, you can address it to this location:

City of Oceanside
Business License
300 N. Coast Highway,
Oceanside, CA 92054

If you have any additional questions, you can contact the Business License Department at, (760) 435-4500 or us at Slate Law.

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