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Providing the Best Legal advice in San diego

Our legal team is committed to serving our clients and their unique needs. We're compassionate about connecting with people and being transparent in every aspect of law services. We promise to deliver the following to every client and consultation...



We believe no question is ever wrong. As your legal team, we are here to provide a trusting and comprehensive environment to help you reach your goals.



Your legal strategy is everything. As experts in our respective fields, we provide sound and comprehensive legal strategies to ensure we're always on the same page.



With decades of combined experience, there's nothing we haven't already seen. Rest assured you can focus on your day to day life and operations and we'll take care of the rest.



We focus on getting our clients the results they need and deserve. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we're committed to your success.

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Practice Areas


Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Lawyer

We are advocates for those facing workplace harassment or discrimination. You’re not sure if you need an employment litigation attorney. The idea of legal action, of any confrontation, is highly stressful. We're here to help.


Corporate Lawyer

We offer flat rate general counsel services for corporations. We share a tailored proposal for outside general counsel services. You decide whether to stick with the old model - or try our new, client-centered approach.


Small Business Lawyer

Small Business lawyers are not only for when you're being sued. In fact, if you're being sued, it’s probably too late. The goal of any good business attorney is to guide you through preventative steps to minimize risk of a future lawsuit.


Startup & Entrepreneur Lawyer

Whether you own a business or plan to start one, there’s one thing you must know: Your business and dreams deserve protection.


Contract Lawyer

From service contracts to partnerships and everything in between, contracts are an essential part of any business. Our team at Slate Law Group can help make sure your contracts are rock solid and protected.


Business Litigation Lawyer

If your business finds itself in the middle of a lawsuit, you may need to go to court. While that may sound spooky, we're dedicating to helping our clients navigate the process in a way that not only eases their stress but get's them the best results. Here's how.


Trademark & Copyright Lawyer

Unlike other assets, IP is not a tangible thing. It's a legal means to protect scientific and artistic works in the forms of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Each form of IP is designed to protect a specific type creative work and we can help you setup and protect.

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