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The process of

Getting Your Human Resources Up to Speed

We at Slate Law Group know the importance of office culture and having not only qualified employees but also those who will add to your office culture. We are in your corner though on boarding, off boarding and anything in between. Your employee relations are important to us and we want to set you up for success.

We are committed to providing you tailored services that best serve your business needs small or large.



We at State Law Group are committed to your success as a business owner and employer and this mission starts with having a strong foundation to build from.



Our goal at State Law Group is that you receive a holistic experience for all your business needs, legal, tax, and hr.



We strive to provide transparent services so that you feel comfortable, confident, and connected with the team who will be working on your project.

What we do


Recruitment & Hiring

Here at Slate Law Group we know the importance of having the the right candidates apply for open positions, ensuring that you have the best fit for your office culture and needs.

Employee Onboarding

We provide you the proper documentation according to your location of employment when hiring or terminating employment to keep you protected.

Employee Relations & Development

Our team knows the importance of you relationship with your employees so we are here to help and strategize with you as you grow your business.

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