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What does an initial consultation look like?

An initial consultation with our San Diego business lawyers is usually 30-60 minutes. After learning more about you, your situation and, if business related, your company, we will briefly touch on potential options for potential solutions and next steps for solving the problem.

Remember, the main thing we need to know is your story and situation. Do not worry if you’re unsure about the legalities of the situation or how to move forward, that is what we are here for.

How long does it take for a small business to form a corporation, ?

To form a business entity, such as an LLC, the overall process typically takes about one month from the day you say, “Let’s do this!”

For a contract, we usually get the first draft out within one to two weeks. After that, the date of final delivery mostly depends on how quickly and how many revisions the client follows up with.

At what point in business should I consider seeking legal help?

It’s important to consider legal guidance as soon as you decide to start a business. The concern is that if you do not get help early, it could cost you more trying to fix it later. Our goal is to help protect you as soon as possible. Whether you are interested in a trademark attorney in San Diego, intellectual property attorney in San Diego or a lawyer to help form an LLC, the sooner you to look to one - the better.

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